Bavarian Purity Law

Reinheitsgebot: A tradition we still taste over 500 years on

Every time we take a sip of German Bier, a raft of unique but familiar qualities are revealed that take us right back to the first time we visited Bavaria.

It’s there in Germany’s world-renowned Bier capital, which houses more than half of the nation’s famous breweries {Brauereien}, where a practice to ensure beer quality was born that we still taste over half a millennium later.

It is also the world’s oldest known food law. The Bavarian Purity Law {Das Reinheitsgebot} written in 1516, stipulates that only four ingredients can be used to brew fine German Bier: water, malt, hops and yeast.

Serving Bier brewed using traditional German methods has always been incredibly important to Oktoberfest Brisbane and it’s part of the commitment to delivering authentic cultural experiences.

In 2016, Oktoberfest Brisbane featured an engaging exhibition that took festivalgoers on a walk through the history of the Bavarian Purity Law to celebrate its 500 year anniversary. The exhibition included interactive displays on the four key ingredients and the impact this law has had on German Bier (and ultimately, Oktoberfest Brisbane).