Schnucki Dirndl & Lederhosen

Schnucki Dirndl & Lederhosen is Australia’s only authentic Bavarian fashion boutique and proudly
Oktoberfest Brisbane’s official traditional clothing partner.

For lovers of German culture and fashion, Schnucki features the perfect Bavarian clothing that acknowledges authenticity and celebrates chic. From leather Lederhosen to that perfect Bavarian Dirndl dress, look no further to find your traditional German outfit.

Oktoberfest Brisbane was the catalyst for Regina, the lady now known by one and all as Mama Schnucki, and her daughter to craft the ultimate German clothing brand in Australia. Back in 2012 they attended Oktoberfest Brisbane together. They observed that not knowing better, many locals wore cheap imitation costumes. Instead of disappointment, mother and daughter spotted opportunity and Schnucki was born. The rest as they say, is history.

The niche demand for German traditional clothing saw them set up shop at Oktoberfest Brisbane each year. Next an online store was born and a physical showroom also exists in Salisbury, Queensland.

Since its inception, Schnucki has dressed close to 10,000 lovers of authentic German fashion. The range has exploded and now there’s more than 65 styles of Dirndls and over 20 types of Lederhosen available. You can accessorise too with Alpine hats, belts, shoes, socks and jewellery. There are even outfits for kids of all sizes!

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