It wouldn’t be an authentic German celebration without world-class traditionally brewed beers, ranging from lager beer {Lagerbier}, wheat beer {Weissbier} and dark beer {Dunkelbier} through to non-alcoholic beer and Shandies {Radler}.

Bier is a large part of German Culture, but we also know that it’s not for everyone. There are plenty more beverages on offer so rest assured knowing you’ll find something delicious to sip on!

Oktoberfest Brisbane offers German red wine {Rotwein} and white wine {Weisswein}, champagne {Champagner}, German sparkling {Sekt} and a range of German cocktails.

Take your pick of delicious Schnaps including apple, peach, wild cherry, and blackcurrant (served with lemonade), as well as Jagdtraum and Red Bull.

Wanting to keep it alcohol free {Alkoholfrei}? Great! We have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to keep your thirst quenched throughout the day, including non-alcoholic Bier, water, soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee and tea.

Bavarian Bier Purity Law

All of the Biers served at Oktoberfest Brisbane are made in strict accordance with the Bavarian Bier Purity Law {Das Reinheitsgebot} – a 500+ year old law which stipulates that only 4 very specific ingredients can be used to make Bier, those being water, malt, hops and yeast. It’s the kind of Bier that converts even the non-Bier drinkers. Click here to learn more.

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Autobahn Express Service

The early bird gets the Bier first! For the first time ever, those who get their tickets early are rewarded with AUTOBAHN EXPRESS SERVICE - ‘skip the queue’ access to buy your drinks at all bars! Now you can skip the line, grab a stein and settle back at your table quicker than you can say Ich brauche was zum trinken {I need a drink}!

Be 1 of the first 500 tickets purchased for each festival day to get the service! 


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