What to wear

Dress to impress when you come to Oktoberfest Brisbane and that means traditional German clothing (aka Tracht).

It plays a key role in German identity and while fashions have changed over the centuries, the Bavarian cultural attire is still a special way to celebrate Oktoberfest.

Fellas think leather Lederhosen shorts with suspenders, an Alpine hat, classic socks, sturdy shoes and a button up white or checkered shirt. Take it up a notch with jackets and vests.

Ladies, you’ll look lovely in Bavarian dirndl dresses. Imagine a white blouse underneath with an apron tied around your waist. Tie the bow on the left and you’re single, while on the right you’re already taken!

We can help get you dressed for the occasion with the finest supplier of German clothing in Australia! Schnucki Dirndl & Lederhosen is Oktoberfest Brisbane’s official traditional clothing partner.

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