When do I need to provide proof of age and why?

Proof of Age ist sehr wichtig {is very important}! The Festival is open to all ages and if you look younger than 25, we will ask for ID. To enter the Festival site without your mum or dad, or to purchase or consume alcohol at the Festival, you must have a valid photo ID as proof of age. In Queensland, the Liquor Act 1992 defines five types of ID which are acceptable evidence of age. The ID document must be current and include a photo of you and your date of birth. Here they are, pick one and put it in your wallet now!

  • An adult proof of age card
  • A recognised proof of age card (eg Keypass identity card)
  • Australian driver licence or rider permit
  • Passport (from any country)
  • Foreign driver licence – Note: Where a foreign driver licence is not written in English, an international driver permit issued in the foreign country of origin (and including a photo of the licence holder and translation) should be presented with the foreign driver licence.

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