Anzapfen {Opening Ceremony}

Let the festivities commence!

If you’ve experienced it in the past, then you’ll know exactly why Anzapfen {Opening Ceremony} is a highlight at Oktoberfest Brisbane.

This tradition has been celebrated at Oktoberfest in Munich for a century, with the city’s Lord Mayor tapping the first keg of Bier and offering the first stein poured to the Head of State, announcing “O’zapft is” {“It is tapped”}.

We like to follow tradition here in Brisbane, and each year since our establishment, the Lord Mayor has joined us to tap the first keg at the start of our festival. In fact, we’re the only Oktoberfest Brisbane Festival that kicks off our celebrations with a ceremonious event and a raft of VIPs (including the Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner) to get the two-week Oktoberfest Brisbane celebration underway! Join us in launching the celebrations on Friday 7th Oktober 2022.

Here’s a list of the past keg tappers at Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Anzapfen:

2019 – Adrian Schrinner (2 taps)
2018 – Graham Quirk (3 taps)
2017 – Graham Quirk (2 taps)
2016 – Graham Quirk (6 taps)
2015 – Graham Quirk
2014 – Graham Quirk
2013 – Graham Quirk
2012 – Graham Quirk
2011 – Councillor Julian Simmonds
2010 – Councillor Andrew Wines
2009 – Campbell Newmann
2008 – Councillor Graham Quirk


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