Favourite Memories of the Team

Oktoberfest Brisbane is made up of many moments. There’s that awe-inspiring moment when you step inside the massive Oktoberfest Tent and are hit by the energy of thousands of culture-loving festival goers having the time of their lives at the endless rows of tables. Then there’s the moment you lay back on the grass enjoying a traditional German afternoon tea in the sunshine watching the world go by. Or the one where you go head-to-head on the dodgems with your kids who can’t help but squeal with excitement every time they block your path.

No single moment defines Oktoberfest Brisbane; they all merge together to create an unmissable cultural celebration. But there are definitely defining moments that stand out for each of us from past Festivals.

As we gear ourselves up for a sensational Oktoberfest Brisbane 2021, we asked our Oktoberfest Brisbane family to share some of their favourites…
Oktoberfest Brisbane Empty Tent
“My favourite moment is when I walk through the Oktoberfest Tent the day before we open. I look at the rows of empty tables and I walk around the Festival site that is waiting for its first visitors. I have shivers down my spine and get goosebumps all over. Every year our dedicated team pull together to create this special and unique Festival, and every year we create something bigger and better than the last. We are blessed to have such an amazing team who share our passion and vision.”

Kim Zoulek, Festival Director

Oktoberfest Brisbane Anzapfen
“The opening ceremony when the Lord Mayor taps the first keg of bier is my favourite Oktoberfest Brisbane moment every year. It’s a moment that makes me literally hold my breath until I hear the words “O’zapft is” {“It is tapped”}, then I can breathe again and look up to take in all of the smiling faces around me. On the stage in that instant, it feels like all of our hard ok work and effort over the last year has paid off. Seeing everyone having such a good time is the best reward.”

Boris Zoulek, Festival Director

 V2 9721
“This is the most true-to-tradition Oktoberfest in the country and its magnetic, drawing people in from all backgrounds and ages to celebrate German culture. We’re as authentic as can be too, proud to import designer made draping, artisan chandeliers and even the beer hall tables from Germany. Nothing beats the raw energy of the Oktoberfest Tent in full swing with the Oompha band playing and the crowd singing their lungs out with steins raised in cheer.”

Michael Malcolm, General Manager

Oktoberfest Brisbane Bavarian Strongmen Jelly Donut
“Each year, there are so many incredible moments that it’s hard to pick just one! If I had to narrow it down, I’d say my favourite is hosting the Krapfen {jam donut} eating round of the Bavarian Strongmen competition. There’s something hilarious about watching grown men desperately trying to eat jam-filled doughnuts floating in custard. When they emerge, with their facial hair slathered in sugary goo and looking like Santa Claus, it never fails to make me laugh.”

David Pawsey, Oktoberfest Brisbane MC

Oktoberfest Brisbane Dancing
“My favourite memory is from my first year working at Oktoberfest Brisbane when I finally put my inhibitions aside and succumbed to the lure of the Fliegerlied. After singing along to it for the entire Festival, I finally let myself go and danced along too. I only wished I’d given in and danced sooner!”

Summer Sutherland, Programming Producer

Oktoberfest Brisbane Final Song
“I love when the band plays the final song on the Sunday night and Oktoberfest Brisbane draws to a close for another year. It’s a moment when all of the staff, stallholders, and Festival team come together to sing and dance with the crowds. After months of hard work, we are all united in celebration and we know that we’re all one big Oktoberfest Brisbane family.”

Holli O’Brien, Marketing Manager

J&a Oktoberfest2019 Outside 048
“This is a Festival created out of love and shared passion for a genuine celebration of culture. As a team we work hard tackling ambitious builds to bring Brisbane the very best Oktoberfest. Crowds love the Friday and Saturday sessions – they’re the ultimate in high energy. Sunday is my personal favourite because it’s more relaxed”.

Chris Paget, Operations Manager